AURUM is the exclusive bike brand from the multiple Grand Tour champions, Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso.

To become a Grand Tour winner requires talent, focus and the level of dedication that only occurs when overwhelming passion for success meets incessant discipline. The rare few who achieve multiple Grand Tour victories push this to a higher plain. Contador and Basso share the devoted mindset of serial winners, and now, retired from pro cycling they are free to create the bikes of their dreams, for you: AURUM.

“With our experience and working together with the team of bicycle industry professionals we put together, we have succeeded to create AURUM bikes in the vision Ivan and I held, and can become the bike of your dreams as well as ours.” – Alberto Contador

The name AURUM reflects the passionate character of the brand and the Latin connection between Alberto and Ivan, born in Spain and Italy respectively. AURUM means gold; it is the material of winners, the most precious medal and spot on the podium, reflecting both Contador and Basso’s passionate desire for success – whether in racing or in business – and their belief that Magma will set the gold standard for high end road bikes.


Both with multiple Grand Tour wins and success in many other professional road races – from U23 Worlds wins to victories in WorldTour stage races, national championships and beyond – Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso have the experience of racing and riding performance road bikes like few others.

Now retired from pro cycling, their passion for cycling and bicycles is perhaps more intense than ever, and they decided to immerse themselves in the bike industry and build a team of like-minded, experienced professionals to create AURUM.


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